Welcome to Good Vibes Coffee

Small-batch, artisan coffee roasters & mobile barista van.
Based in Suffolk, available anywhere.

Whether it's for casual home-drinking pleasure, or as a supplier for your bustling cafe, we've got you covered.

We've also got our own mobile barista van, that is available for hire.

What We Do

Mobile Barista Van

Available for hire. Our self-sufficient, self-converted coffee van, Rochelle is where our coffee journey started out. She's a real talking point and crowd pleaser for any event, and that's before people have tried the coffee!

Artisan Roasted Coffee

Every coffee we roast has a story to tell. From high-end speciality beans, to heritage coffee classics, every coffee in our range has been chosen roasted with love at our micro coffee roastery in Suffolk.

Our Coffee

We roast ALL of our own coffee. It's all specially-selected in-house, and roasted with love on our small-batch coffee roaster. All of which is sourced from a well-known reputable speciality coffee merchant here in the UK. This allows us full transparency that each coffee is fully traceable back to the farm it was grown in.

We picked and profile every coffee in-house before we let our customers get hold of it. This allows to be sure each coffee is the best very it can be.

Whether you're a straight-cut espresso drinker, or a laid back v60 sipper, we've got something for everyone here on offer. Light roast, dark roast, washed, natural and everything in between, we even do some GREAT decaf, so what are you waiting for? Let's get brewing!

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